As a business trading within the financial services industry, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA firmly encourages all firms to take seriously their responsibilities for treating customers fairly.

So what does treating customers fairly (TCF) actually mean?

It means that we are required to always provide a professional service by:
  • Ensuring we sell our clients products that meet and fit their needs
  • Offering clear and understandable information during the sales process to enable the client to make good decisions
  • Handling complaints in a fair and courteous manner and correcting any problems where necessary
  • Ensuring no claims are unreasonably rejected

This practice is embedded throughout our business and is integral to our service, operations and product offerings. Treating customers fairly forms part our culture, our brand and of our moral value. All employees are fully aware of the importance of this and fully support our TCF policy.

The behaviour of our employees towards meeting these objectives are monitored by key performance indicators and relevant action tasks are set in motion at trigger points where client contact is present.

This management information is then gathered to identify any areas for improvement or remedial action.