At LRO Insurance, we thrive on our entrepreneurial spirit and 'can-do' attitude. We have a healthy appetite to attain new business and will always be flexible and sensible when it comes to negotiating risk.

We realise the importance of the role our brokers play in the overall business model in producing business, and so we invest significant time and resource into their business matrix by supporting and empowering them to attain far higher volumes of quality business.

In doing this, we believe that we have a different approach to business when it comes to working with our brokers, we want them to be successful and so we work closely together with the objective to enhance overall profit and increase service levels for all concerned.

We make this possible by providing:
  • Marketing Support
  • Sales Strategies
  • I.T. Guidance

Our Attitude:
  • We welcome creativity and are able to create bespoke products suited to yours or your clients requirements
  • Approachable, understanding and flexible in securing business

Product Benefits:
  • Extremely competitive premiums
  • Broad coverage with increased policy limits as standard
  • A-Rated, reputable Insurers

Process Benefits:
  • Access to online web based policy quoting and maintenance system
  • Rapid response in providing quotations, processing endorsements and issuing documentation
  • Experienced and flexible Underwriters able to make fast decisions
  • Fair and professional claims service, ensuring the best service for your clients
  • 24 hour turnaround time (or sooner) in delivering quotes

  • Agreed Commission and policy fees
  • Additional Performance based Commission and incentives
  • Profit Share