It is very important that we are advised as soon as possible of any potential claim, this will help us give you the best possible experience and ensure a fair and prompt resolution.

You should also ensure you carry out any required emergency repairs to protect and safeguard your property from further losses. Contact out claims department first if you're unsure whether the cost of repair is covered under your insurance policy.

Step 1: A fully completed claim form must be completed and all supporting documentation and details of communication with other parties involved in the claim must be provided to us.
Step 2: You may submit your claim to us by telephone, by email, by fax or post.
Step 3: We will discuss your claim with you and check your policy to see how you are covered.
Step 4: A full claims report would be prepared on your behalf and presented to your Insurance Company for onward processing
Step 5: Depending on the type of your claim, your Insurance Company may appoint further people to become involved and manage your claim. These people would typically be Technical Claims Specialists for complex or Liability claims, Loss Adjusters, Solicitors and Suppliers.

As noted above, we will require a fully completed claim form, and if necessary, all supporting documentation. It's important that the following information is provided on or together with your claim form:  

For Property Damage & Theft Claims

  • Your Policy Number
  • When, how and where the loss or damage occurred
  • Your VAT status (if applicable)

For Liability Claims

It is very important that you contact us first before you provide any information to the injured person or property owner's legal representative or answer any communication made by them.
  • All (unanswered) communications that you receive from the injured person, property owner or their legal representative
  • Full written details as well as all supporting documentation relating to the incident
  • Contact details of all parties involved

For Personal Accident / Sports Claims

  • Statutory sick note
  • Doctors certificate
  • Witness statement
  • Team sheet

Legal Expenses Claims

Our Legal Expenses Insurance is provided by DAS Legal Expenses Insurances Company Limited (DAS).

You may also report your legal expenses claim direct to DAS by calling them on the number shown on your policy schedule.