Casual, or day trading is becoming an increasingly popular way for individuals or experienced Market Traders to sell their goods. However, it is a legal requirement for a Market Trader to have a valid Public & Products Liability policy in place, not only to obtain a trading licence but also to protect the public in the event of any accident or injury caused whilst trading.

Our Events&Exhibitions Insurance is a 'ready made' policy, specifically designed for the Market Trader who trades from a temporary market stall and requires a policy that provides all the essential Liability cover for a single day.

This policy is ideal for trading either in a fixed market area, in a planned indoor or outdoor event or exhibition, in a shopping centre, in a fair, or even in a designated street market.

This policy provides all the important forms of cover needed to get you going and has a set price for a fixed selection of cover. Simply complete our application form online and one of our representatives will call you within an hour to process your card payment. Your premium will be charged when taking out the policy and your Insurance will be valid for 24 hours from time of purchase.