Protecting the cashflow in any business is extremely important. Businesses that sell goods or services on account with a promise to pay is a risk that must be managed properly.

Trade Credit Insurance covers your business against financial losses arising from the insolvency or default in payment from your customers that pay for your goods or services on credit terms. A Credit Insurance policy can cover the entire turnover of your business, which would include political risks, or it can be structured to cover your key accounts or exceptional losses.

Associated services are available to assist you in safeguarding your cashflow. These services are:
  • Collection of your overdue accounts
    • Full, worldwide debt collection management including the handling of legal proceedings
  • Help in securing trade finance
    • Through a scheme arranged by the Insurer, you are more likely to obtain new or increased debtor finance from your bankers at a cost lower. Banks and trade financiers are more inclined to lend to businesses that have credit insurance.
  • Risk avoidance and reduction of bad debt
    • Access to valuable, up to date information on more than 40 million companies worldwide. This information allows your business to make informed and accurate decisions as to the companies you should trade with and extend credit terms to.
  • 25,000 credit limit requests per day
  • €800 billion of business transactions covered
  • Present in over 50 countries
  • More than 40 million companies monitored
  • 57,000 clients worldwide
  • 82% of credit limits processed within 48 hours
  • 190,000 debt collections handled per year
  • AA- Standard & Poor's rating